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Each post is a mini review of a movie or show that won't be made into a full post. Most do not contain spoilers and are more opinion based.

WARNING: Content is disturbing, please enter at your own risk, specific trigger warnings are not provided.

Seance (2021)

Absolutely loved everything about this movie. We are led to believe this is a supernatural horror film only to be sorely mistaken. The lead, Suki Waterhouse, is amazing in this and I wanted five more movies about her character alone.


Antlers (2021)

Felt like the movie didn't fully honor the legend of the Wendigo or the Indigenous cultures it originated from. A bit predictable throughout and rather questionable decisions by characters throughout. Not terrible but wouldn't watch again.


Truth or Die (2012)

Very 2012 in every way. Fairly good in terms of gore and interesting moments. Who is the main focus in the story constantly evolves with the drama. Typically the ostentatious characters die first in horror, but not in this film.


Creep (2014)

A found footage indie horror film. One man finds a Craigslist ad for a videographer to record the last message of a man who is dying and then shit gets really weird. It's clear that there is something amiss with the man who hire the videographer the whole film but it's still shocking to see the culmination of events at the end of the movie. 


We Need To Do Something (2021)

An original movie that blurs the lines between reality and impossibility. Some of the scares absolutely shocked me in the best way. The backstory of how the family got here became a little confusing and possibly too symbolic. Would watch again.


Old (2021)

Very good trailer but the film itself falls somewhat short of expectations. A bit boring at times and not entirely a fan of the big mystery behind the island. Interesting concept but not interesting or compelling enough to carry the whole movie. 

old 2021.jpeg

Shrooms (2007)

A bunch of stupid American teenagers in Ireland decide to trip on shrooms. Of course, one idiot decides to take a death mushroom and starts seeing the future. Unfortunately, the future she's seeing is the death of all of her friends. Not a bad watch even today despite wanting to yell at the characters to stop what they're doing immediately.

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