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New Year's Eve In Marathon

Although a New Year’s Eve night out is a fun and memorable way to ring in a new year sometimes staying in is just the better option. Over 4,000 years of history shows that New Year’s Eve and Day have been celebrated by various cultures and people. 

Both the flu and COVID have started an upward winter trend as illness spreads within schools systems and the temperature keeps dropping. The likelihood I would’ve had a horror marathon regardless of getting sick at Christmas is pretty high but the sickness definitely ended any questions about my plans. 

The movies I’d planned to watch originally are horror movies about New Years or that noticeably take place over the New Year period or directly after Christmas. A few problems with that–firstly most of the movies about New Years aren’t great or actually have nothing to do with New Years at all, secondly the ones that did look good either weren’t available online at all or had to be rented. 

Rather than force myself to suffer through movies just because they are New Years relevant I decided to watch things I actually wanted to watch. The list ended up being a handful of the 2023 released horror movies I hadn’t watched yet, which is a shockingly long list. So long in fact that I already started before NYE night, because why not and also being sick really clears up your plans and responsibilities. 

Without further adieu this is my New Year’s Eve In Marathon:

1.Attachment (2022)

Gabriel Bier Gislason directorial debut, Danish romantic horror produced by Thomas Heinesen that released on Shudder in February 2023 where it is still available to watch. Two women meet and instantly fall for one another but one has an overbearing mother she lives with and a new injury that requires her to be at home. The two attempt to navigate a new relationship under the watchful eye of the Orthodox Jewish community they now live in. 

Premiering in 2023 this revenge film sequel follows Becky as she faces off with a new group of monstrous men who cross her path. A bloody, gruesome, black comedy unfolds featuring a personal horror fave delivering another stellar performance Jill Larson, aka Deborah Logan

3. Brooklyn 45 (2023)

A group of WWII American Veterans get together to be there for their friend who recently lost his wife, also a member of this friend group and fellow veteran. Their grieving friend convinces them to do a seance and things go awry from there with visits from the ghosts of their past. 

4. Follow Her (2022)

Without a Wiki page this movie is sourced as coming out in 2022 starring Dani Parker and Luke Cook who carry a shaky plot with good acting. Streamer Jess has dreams of being an actress and answers a casting call with the intention of also filming it for her stream. The casting

call isn’t what it seems when Tom, the man who hired her, starts acting insane. 

Directed by Paco Plaza and released in 2023 on Netflix, where it’s still available to watch, the plot follows a new nun who had been marked by a miracle in childhood as she completes her training to become a nun. Unfortunately for her the nunnery she’s been placed in harbors dark secrets that could have an impact for generations to come. 

During a team conference in Sweden a group of coworkers reckon with their interpersonal issues and unethical business practices after a masked killer starts targeting them and the staff at their retreat and is available to watch now on Netflix. 

7. El Conde (2023)

Mixing real life figures and history with fictionalized retellings this movie follows an old vampire who has decided he wants to die. His children and loved ones gather at his estate after their political fortunes take a turn for the worst to be by his side in his final days or extend those days far into the future. Available now to watch on Netflix be warned the whole film is in black and white. 

Although this movie is actually a 2022 film it released in the United States in February 2023 on Shudder, where it’s still available to watch. The movie is a Spanish speaking film that takes place in Mexico following a newly pregnant woman who’s struggling with her pregnancy despite having really wanted to be pregnant. 

9. Perpetrator (2023)

A bizarre teen moves to a new town to live with her aunt and begins to experience bizarre, blood related mishaps and odd interactions with her new classmates and family. After girls in her new town go missing she learns how to harness all of the new and strange things happening to go up against evil forces. Coming out on Shudder this year Alicia Silverstone and Kiah McKirnan’s awkward chemistry lightens the dark and gruesome plot. 

In an attempt to get a recommendation letter a young woman decides to go to a themed party out of her league only for the night to devolve into terror and morally conflicting occurrences for everyone, perpetrators and victims alike. Although this movie is available to watch now on Showtime I can’t say that I recommend it. 

More than a few movies are still on my list from 2023 and even 2022 that I missed, skipped, or just got too distracted to watch. I still want to watch a lot more of the movies that I missed but I’m really, really excited about the movies coming out in 2024, 2025, and even those that are rumored to be in the works for those years and beyond. The horror genre seems to be experiencing it’s own boom right now off of some really successful theatrical releases and renewed interest in the genre and I’m definitely in support of that. 


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